Friday, July 24, 2009

Create Symbian Installation File

1. Edit pkg file in your sis directory. Carbide.C++ will generate default pkg file when you comply the source code with it. The format of pkg file can be found :
2. Create sis file and sign file
Either using Carbide.C++ or calling the makesis and signsis from command prompt.

2.1 Using Carbide.C++. Go to "Project"->"Properties"->"Carbide.C++"->"Build Configuration". Select the "Configuration" you want, in "SIS Builder" click "add".
SIS Properties will pop-up. Now, what we need here is only "PKG File", Using "Self sign sis file" would be enough if you don't use any capability. Then when you build the GCCE configuration, the sisx file will be automatic generated.

2.2 Calling makesis and signsis from the command prompt:

c:\sis>makesis myproject.pkg
c:\sis>signsis -?
c:\sis>signsis myproject.sis myproject.sisx ..\cer\mysymbian.cer ..\cer\mysymbian.key myphasepass

3. If you get any error when trying to install your sis file on the device, check out the error from "Interpreting Platform Security Error Messages in S60 3rd Edition" or Forum's "S60 SW Installer Troubleshooting" or from Symbian Foundation's Troubleshooting Installation Errors.