Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Qt and Symbian

After Nokia took over Trolltech in 2008, it has been foreseen that Qt would come to be part of mobile phone development very soon. Symbian and Maemo (now also known as MeeGo) developers are moving quickly to Qt for GUI application. Yesterday, I managed to start off my first Qt app before bid farewell to Symbian end of this month and the following info is my quick glance of Qt resources from Symbian developer perspective.

- Qt for the Symbian Platform (Product Overview)
- Using Qt and Symbian C++ Together from developer.symbian.org. This will guide Symbian developer to integrate Symbian to Qt more smoothly. The info in the page conveys the information e.g., Converting Active Objects to Signals & Slots, Converting between QString and Descriptor,Exceptions & Error Handling, et cetera.
- Qt Carbide.c++ IDE. To configure Carbide.c++ for Qt if it is prefered to QtCreator.
- Qt Creator with the Symbian Platform. Its build-in Help is superb.
- qmake Manual. Knowing of qmake to handle the project file (.pro) is mandatory. You need to know few extra specific parameters for Symbian, the manual will help you out.

We only part to meet again. ~John Gay~